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Old 03-04-2024, 08:10 AM
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Re: Great Bonks

Outside my usual routine of VP and Dome 1 Girls, decided to try different delicacies from the world.

Awesome teardrop D cup boobs with large pink nipples.
Some scars cos some bros were too hard on her
It's been since last year I did a 180cm tall girl.
Hugging her while pounding missionary was <3
Features look a bit stronger than photos.

from Macau apparently. Speaks good Chinese and limited English.
Was skeptical honestly because one of her pics look too good to be true.
Real person was gorgeous, slim, tall, feminine, deliciously curvy and treated me gently and warmly. Tits imo better than Janna's cos perkier. And white. I went for the soapy service and she really knows what she is doing. BBBJ is tops. She on top is also tops XD She could tolerate my mild bedroom aggression.

I had a bad experience with a certain SNS girl. im glad she got struck off the roster quickly after. A**i. If you know you know. But she looks like pics.

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Old 03-04-2024, 06:10 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

FR on Avery from SNS

Long hair with the sweet, young, innocent and demure look. She look better in real live and sure will not reject type. No switch and bait and

Tall, slim and slender body figure. Fair smooth skin with a nice peachy perky ass.

Big and fitting to her body with a sensitive nice nipple to suck, grope and fondle.

She is a pro! It was DFK, tongue war all the way.

Solid vacuum suction, handsfree and alot of slurp slurp sound effect. Tongue licking action was superb. Cummed first shot in her mouth after teasing awhile and she goes all out.

Clean shaved, well groomed. And no weird smell. She had her legs spread wide open for my tongue to slide up and down er pussy. She enjoy it by moaning softly while her leg and body was shaking and jerking.

It was power. Can take hard, deep and long poundings. Had a few position and her cowgirl is damn impressive. Rode me like no tomorrow! Moan was those sweet sexy seductive. A bit long for me to release and she just enjoy it not making any pressure.

The GFE was awesome. The ultimate girlfriend experience. Not a time watcher and feel so comfortable with her.

It was a very sexified session and i would recommend all to try her. I am planning my RTF soon.
Old 03-04-2024, 06:45 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Aizere SNS has sharp features, big round eyes and a cock sucking lips. She is beautiful and have the asian gal look, will not get bore looking at her everyday.

Slim and slender with tight and super sexy, super slim figure and a hot peachy ass, she is really a turn on! her boobs are huge. Ass was meaty and bouncy.

Top-notch initation. She make me feel very connected with her. We had lot of lips locking anytime you want and all the way non stop.

Blow Job
She sucks every inch of my rod, and no teeth feel, slow and sensual, able to suck me for long and non stop. Good suction with slurping effect as well as super deepthoat.

Her pussy was clean shaven. It was sensitive, responsive & clit gets engorged. Almost coin-slot. No smell nor taste. Make her moan and hold on to the bedsheet.

It was intense and wild. I bang her in doggy position which I happily complied. Continue to thrust her in doggy position alternating slow and fast (which she tend to moan louder when faster) and as I was about to cum, I start to fuck her harder & 1 of her hands reach behind my ass to pull me in deeper too. The tightness of the pussy make me cummed in no time.

GFE is max till cannot max liao. Lot of playful moment together and she is like my newest gf.

Overall was a good session.She is sure Rtf material

Thank bro SNS for the arrangement.
Old 03-04-2024, 06:56 PM
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Arrow Re: Great Bonks

Babe: Ada Jackson from London

Greeted in hotel lobby with nice leg cut dress. I was feeling myself lucky to see such very young, beautiful slim babe with ozing out boobs. It was dream cum true to fuck such beautiful teenager like euro babe. I found some resemble image to her as below but it still can't justify her look.

She was keep tickling me while in lift. And was aroused by her sweet and sexy voice.

She showered me with deep kiss and tounge fights once in room. Brought some wine for her which she accepted with few more kisses.

Tounge fighting was going on while she unbuttoned me and also started kissing all over the body which was so sensual.

In shower also she kept rubbing her boobs and ass. And poked my ass few times while doing hj. Then she just went on her knee and started bbbj me with Intermittently DT. Doesn't expected such a wonderful experience from angmoh.

She is very light weight that i lifted her from bathroom to bed which she gave me blemish look. Again started catbath all over the body and so much of bbbj with slurping, DT.

She fucked me and i fucked her in all the corners while enjoying her boobs, lips and slim body

Location: 5 star from where you can overlook gardens by the bay

Looks: 100/10 She is the most gorgeous and young euro girl that I encounter. Age stated 21 but you will still think that she just truned 19. The teenage look is there with sharp blue eyes and luscious lips. The one you want to keep fucking forever. Below some images from web which still cant justify her.

Her Voice: 100/10 Very soft, lovely, sexy and pleasure to mind. Her mons was mind blowing
Body: 100/10 Slim body with nice handfull considered big boobs to her body. Very smooth skin. And nice handful meaty ass that you can grab.

Boobs: 100/10 Although stated B but for local should be C. Natural soft boobs with pink nipples. It can fit in well in palm.

GFE: 100/10 Like meeting your lover after long time. Keep looking at your eyes with so much love. Lips and tounge fighting from the welcome to end. Very submissive with attitude like wanted to give you maximum pleasure

Catbath: 10/10 From head to neck, chest, dick, balls and legs. Intermittently using her nails to keep teasing your body

Bbbj: 100/10 Mindblowing with both sensual and fierce stroke. First had in shower. And again in bed. Licked balls and around ass. I put some web images for reference

DT: 100/10 Wah so DT that felt pressure on my dick head. She hold my both hand and pressed her mouth towards my dick.

FJ: 100/10 You ask the position and she will obey you. CG, Seated, Standing, doggy and missonary. Also CG and reverse CG on sofa. With big mirror beside bed makes it watching like porn movie where you are hero

RTF: 100/10 Not to be missed such a precious gem if you like very beautiful blue eyed slim teenager with pinkish big boobs. Please treat her nicely and she here upto this Saturday only
Old 03-04-2024, 08:53 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Gladis from SunnyEscort

Looks: picture advertised is her no need discount, hot young look with heavy make up.

Body: petite with curvy nice figure and perky hot ass for doggie. Light weight to carry

Boobs: small and natural with brown sensitivity nipple. Allow me to grope and suck and lick without any rejection.

French: Very passionate with strong action, no bad breath. aggressive in fighting back

BBBJ: could sense her well-practised licking of the shaft, down to the balls, back up to the head then teasing of the glans, before going in for DT. Slow and sensual and really took her time to tease the lil bro.

Pussy: shaven and very clean with no smell. Trim and no smell, able to pain all I want, she seems to enjoy it as letting out soft moan.

FJ: Good cowgirl stamina. Rocks back and forth and being tall, her up/down is furious till the piak piak sound ťchos in the room as if we're doing doggie 😅. missionary, hooked one leg, seeing her tossing her head, then the other leg. speed bump felt great seeing her pushing against the wall with one hand and another grabbing bedsheets. Responsive. Loud moan.

A nice session. Rtf 100% soon.

Thanks bro Sunny again for the arrangement, alway never fail me.
Old 03-04-2024, 09:49 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Michelle SNS

She has very nice set long hair with petty CFM, seductive and super hiao looking face.

After shower, she wait for me in her sexy lingerie. Slowly, we French and she reciprocate the Frenching and DFK, both of our tongues started fighting and I start to strip her piece by piece.

She has a slim and slender figure with a petite built height and a cute and firm butt. Mix of fair dark smooth complexion. One tattoo spotted at the back of her waist. Boob was big and perky about C+ boobs with light-coloured pointy and pierce nipples.

BBBJ was powerful with good suction. Lots of tongue and saliva. Licks the head and shaft well, can deepthroat and good eye contact. Will suck for long

She welcomes painting, her pussy was nice and cleanly shaved, no smell and sensitive. Give me a good clitoris stimulation to get her into the mood.

She went with the missionary for the first shot and did not hold back in moaning loudly afterwards. The FJ with her was enjoyment and she was responsive and her moaning was wild, sexy and seductive. She then gripped me even harder with her legs in between,and I completed my last shot in the cowgirl position.

GFE was like lover and mistress kind of GFE. No doubt about it. You will feel being pamper by her.
Old 04-04-2024, 10:51 AM
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Re: Great Bonks


Look: 9/10 long hair with the cute and naughty playful young doll gal look. Beautiful and sure will not reject type.

Body: 9/10 Tall, slim and slender with toned and nice curvy figure and tattoo at the back as well as a tanned smooth skin and sexy curvaceous arse.

Boobs: 9/10 nautural and a nice handful size for me. Nice for me to feel and touch, just nice to cover my hand and suite the body frame

Frenching: 9/10 well connected, nice and frenching wise is like kissing a shy girlfriend type.

Painting: 9/10 clean shaven with no smell and reacts to painting with some shivers and music to my ears.

BBBJ: 9/10 slow and sensual she skillfully employed the tip of her tongue
to sensually lick from the tip of my penis to my balls. Shortly thereafter, she commenced a rhythmic flicking motion with her tongue, alternating between my balls and shaft.

FJ: 9/10 I lift her leg up in V shape to bonk her. We tried cowgirl, missionary and doggy and it is good enough to be satisfied. She love to be bonk in doggy position. When bonk her in doggy, she will arch her hips up to let me bonk her and also when bonking her in that position she moan like she is feeling very good and I cummed in no time.

GFE: 10/10.Fantastic. Doesnít feel commercialized at all. Feel like making love to your girlfriend. Still canít forget her.

Summary: It worth, no regret.

Thanks SNS for the arrangement.
Old 04-04-2024, 01:04 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Promised an fr for Kamila by SNS.

She is a beautiful hot gorgeous young lady. She has beautiful eyes and when she smile, it just melts my heart. Beautiful long hair as well. She pose the hongkong lady look.


A. She has C cup natural boobs, shape looks great on her. Nice and unravished sensitive nipples for sucking and licking.

B. Fair smooth skin with slim and slender figure and a hot perky ass

C. The French kissing, si bei solid. She gentle but also got that feel, chemistry is there. Her lips so soft, make me heart skip beat.

D. I like her slow and sensual bbbj, she will patiently lick everywhere. Deepthroat and good control of speed and variation, need to stop her else sure will cim

E. Her pussy was clean. shaven and have no smell. It was delicious and I tongue fucked her until she climaxed and body will shake and grab the bed sheet and let out soft moan.

F. Capped on the sex with her was solid. She give out horny and seduction expression. Flip her for missionary, she use her leg and arm to hug me tightly and pound her deep and she moans out lout and damn sexy till I cum and shoot out. Real power

G. Good command of English, sporty and and super chatty. Give me the mistress feel. Good chemistry and not a time watcher. Comfortable moment with her.

Overall it was awesome sex.

Recommended to all bros.
Old 05-04-2024, 09:41 AM
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Re: Great Bonks

Review for Michaella SNS

* young foxy yet sultry CFM look
* real person better looking than in pic
* nice long silky hair with the sexy lips
* tight body with nice hour glass figure with tattoo
* mixed of fair and slight tanned body with tone nice ass to ram
* big boobs with pierce nipple and that fit her body shape
* nipple was nice highly sensitivity
* love being suck and grab, nice to grab on hand too
* fluent and reciprocating with lotsa tongue sword-fighting frenching
* nice soft lips while frenching and no bad breath.
* skilful tongue action start from balls, slow go up my shaft
* lotsa fast & furious and up & down bobbing action with combo.
* good teasting and playing with the turtle head
* deepthroat with mouth fuck and gagging
* Pussy, nicely clean shaved with no smell
* wet n delicious pussy.
* moan and grab my hair and bedsheet while i painted her till she came
* cannot resist already, started our job, already with cap on
* good co-ordination and responsive FJ
* accomdating with multiple positions
* intense sex and she would thrust her hips to go along with the mood as well.
* pussy was tight and she has good stamina
* no complaint for long, deep, and hard pounding
* lot of seductive moaning, cum togther
* max gfe, surely as keeper as a mistress
* took good care of my needs, gave me all her time and attention
* no issue with communication as her english is good
* will like to RTF her soon

An awesome session with a nice young Russian lady.

Guy must not miss her else will regret for sure.

Thank SNS for the arrangement
Old 05-04-2024, 10:54 AM
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Re: Great Bonks

Ika Indo by sunnyescort

Look: 8/10 syt lover fall in. Long hair and cute young looking in real person

Body: 9/10 fair skin with slim and slender body no fats at all. Perky ass

Boob: 8/10 C cup. Natural boob. Nice and soft for touch and match her body frame.

Frenching: 9/10 Romantic type of good deep passionate DFK

Bbbj: 8/10 She gave me a good blow, used her tongues well. Lots of licking all the time!!

Pussy: 9/10 trimmed and tasty with no smell, with et and slippery

Fj: 10/10 Tight and wet pussy. Holding her slim waist during doggy + just imagine she riding you one hand grabbing her natural boob while roaming around her slim leggy

GFE: 10/10. Making love with her is just like your girl friend.

Nice session and Will rtf soon!!!

Thanks bro sunny.
Old 05-04-2024, 11:53 AM
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Re: Great Bonks

Aline SNS

She was young and extremely attractive and alluring in person, make up or no make up is already beautiful. I would consider a natural beauty.

She has long hair and beach tanned skin with an hourglass figure. Slender, slim and feminine, her nipples are almost always rock hard and ideal to suckle on. Her butt was perky and nicely shape.

We started slow in frenching before progressing to deeper french once she got more relaxed and aroused

Her BBBJ was quite an exquisite technique, using her tongue movement to lick my penis head then up and down my shaft. It was slow and sensual with no sign of rush at all. Slowly she suck and give me a deepthroat and I mouth fuck her heavily.

Her pussy was nice shape and clean shaven. It tasted neutral. She really enjoys it and pussy got really wet and sloppy. Rather subtle jerks when she finishes and seems to be able to finish multiple times, not the violent kind. More the soft moan/whimpering kind, spent most of the time grabbing the side of the pillow, head facing sideways and eyes gripped closed as she was getting painted.

Once she was ready, cap on and entered her very slowly. Penetration was smooth with no KY needed, elicited a very arousing moan. Proceeded with slow thrusting then to fast one. She would gasp so deeply when you go deep and you feel that you're all the way in and she would shake and spasm. I could slowly feel it getting more and more moist and her moans getting heavier. It was great to feel the pussy get more and more wet. Very enjoyable and i cum in missionary

GFE was no commercial feel and it was more to like fucking my hot fuck buddy rather than a paid session.

Thank SNS
Old 05-04-2024, 01:00 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Annie of SNS

Some comment
- Quite tall, about 170+cm. Just my type
- Nice natural boobs with pierced nipple
- Blonde long hair with fair smooth skin
- Tight young curvy slender body with perky hot ass
- high GFE as I feel she is my young mistress through the whole session

Looks: 9/10 sweet, young, demure, innocent and nibble type
BBBJ: 8/10 up down, tongue around whole cock, some head twisting, suction but prefer more powerful.
Frenching: 9/10 need some guidance but once she get into it she speak fluently
It was hot and passionate too.
Pussy: 9/10 painted her young shaven pussy till climaxed as i saw her thighs quivering and she turned to jelly. Tasty with no smell.
FJ: 9/10 good moaning, tried doggy and missionary and find that she's tighter in doggy style. cums easily for me.
Communication: 7/10 simple English and need translator but still consider ok.
Overall: 8/10 sexifty and happy man
Rtf: yes, confirm...haha as i already did it.

Will recommend to all. Thanks bro SNS
Old 06-04-2024, 01:10 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Victoria SNS

Look: long hair with gorgeous, slutty exotic cfm face. Lustful seductive smile. Same as in the pic.

Figure: fair skin tone with voluptuous body figure and a hot firm round spankilicious ass too.

Boobs: consider busty. Firm and round, fit to her body shape and can still be felt when it shake. Nice for sucking and licking

Frenching: it was romantic and fluent and she gave wild tongue fright when she is high

Bbbj: Great blower.Lick my shaft and balls. Good sucking skill, deepthroat and blew me for a very very long time non still till I'm not able to take it for the 1st round and released 1 week of load my into her mouth and was almost fully filled with my cum , its was a best moment of it.

Painting: clean have and odorless, she love being paint she told me and her expression like jav pornstar

Fj: Caps on we started off with reverse cowgirl, then subsequently I took over in more dominant positions. We fucked doggy, prone bone, and missionary. I could feel her pussy lips gripping on to my dick as I was fucking her in standing missionary, almost as if her pussy was pulling me inwards and pleading with me for more. Bonk her hard and deep for a solid 10 mins before i cummed.

GFE: It was amazingly high as she was easy to get along and chit with, not a time watcher and no commercial feel.

Nice session and sure RTF material.

Thanks SNS
Old 06-04-2024, 03:12 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Ika sunnyescort

Looks: (Pretty and she looks better in person compared to photos)
Boobs: (natural and nice fit for my hands to play with great for sucking too)
French: (she initiate first by breaking the ice, and she can deep french, no bad breath very mint smell)
Bbbj: (slow and sensual type. Dick head focus, deep throat, balls licking and sucking.
tongue twirl and she alternate between deep throat and balls licking)
Painting: ( trimmed, wet with no smell and sensitive. Seems like she really enjoys it too )
FJ: ( she greeted me with moans and I enter her with missionary, cg, rcg, doggy all can, deep, hard, long and fast poundings)
GFE: (very easy to get along, donít have shy or awkward with her.)

Thanks bro Sunny
Old 06-04-2024, 06:18 PM
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Thumbs up Re: Great Bonks

VPremium - Izabelle & Serene

It has been a while since I've had the time to visit VPremium but today has not been a disappointment. Went back to back for two girls, so read below brothers and support these girls

So for Izabelle I'd have to say she is outstanding on many fronts, not only does she look better IRL than in her photos but her enthusiasm and skill is a massive turn on.

Unlike most girls who act coyish or shy during the FJ, she uses her alluring and seduce eyes to pierce deeply at you, as if she wants you so badly. She has a soft moan as well which is hard to resist.

Face: 10/10 - she has very seductive eyes
Body: 10/10 - petite, fit and has all the right curves
Breasts: 8/10 - large Cs but negative personally because I prefer nats, but surprisingly soft
BBBJ: 9/10 - very enthusiastic and if you like your balls sucked, try her out
FJ: 9/10 - only lose a point here because she made me cum too early in one position. will definitely RTF to see how she is in other positions
Overall: Will definitely RTF, when you have great action, atmosphere and enchanting personality, Izabelle is definitely†a†legend.


Serene is another great addition to VPremium and I've noticed that quality has increased since the past 6 months that I have frequented this stable.

She has the looks, the communication abilities (English and Chinese) and BBBJ talent to cap off her delicate body. If you like a girl that has a shy moan but very very proactive, then Serene is the one for you to try.

Face: 10/10 - Hats off to VPremium for the quality of the girls recently, looks just as good or better than photos
Body: 10/10 - Fit and excellent curves
Breasts: 8/10 - Small on the C side but quite a handful
BBBJ: 10/10 - She has great technique, goes deep and slurpy
FJ: 9/10 - Multiple positions, very open to them and you can tell she knows how to curve her body correctly to stimulate you the most
Overall: Surprisingly one of the few girls who has great English so communicating with her is no issue. She will command you when she wants to, but when its going she will let you do to her as you please while moaning to high heaven. Give her†a†go†brothers.
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